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15 July 2024 - 17 July 2024
Gothenburg, Sweden
WFE - Hosted by BK Häcken and the Gothia Cup at Bravida Arena, Gothenburg - Sweden

Women's Football Expo

15-17 of July 2024

Hosted by BK Häcken and the Gothia Cup.

Where: Bravida Arena, Gothenburg - Sweden

Join us, to develop and build women’s football together!

What we do 

Women’s Football Expo is the first independent global event bringing together the top of Women’s Footballs decision makers to network, learn from each other, create new ideas and partnerships that develops Women’s Football and takes our game further.

Our Purpose

Develop the Women’s game. We want to create a platform for decision makers where they can interact between clubs, improve their own network and create stronger club to club relationships.

Join us and gain access to exclusive insights and expertise

  • Meet with the top Football Clubs in the world.
  • Meet with the top Decision-makers within Women's Football.
  • Discuss important topics in Women´s Football.
  • Get to connect on a personal level with 1 on 1 meetings.
  • Learn from a panel of speakers.

Registration and Approval Process

This event is designed for female football players of all levels, coaches, industry professionals, and enthusiasts. Completion of the registration form is required, including all necessary personal details and any relevant documents or credentials.

All registrations are subject to approval by the WFE organizing committee. The approval process ensures a diverse, inclusive, and engaging experience for all attendees, aligning participants with the goals and themes of the expo. 

Womens Football Expo

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Location BK Häcken - Bravida Arena
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